A list of posts to-date discussing Anger and Fear, how we don’t need to suppress these emotions nor act out in them; that there is a healthy, loving way to perceive, process and release these “bad” emotions.

Anger Dehumanizes
It’s impossible to really know and understand someone and project anger at them. Understanding produces compassion. Compassion nullifies anger.

A Third Way To Deal With Anger
The tendency is to believe that we can either suppress anger or project it at those we blame for it—both harmful—but there’s another way which does no harm at all.

Irritation is Always Irrational
When it is directed at others. In this case, when I directed it at my spouse.

Anger And Its Accomplices
Anger is used, usually unconsciously and automatically, to avoid deeper emotions. While we are avoiding our own deep fears and griefs, we are projecting anger and other harmful emotions at the people around us.