Exploring ways of releasing pain, error, and all types of harmful impulses (addictions), making room for growth in love and truth.

This blog is the place I use to write out  my current ideas, inspirations and beliefs on this subject.

I’m interested in chasing after fun and pleasure as most of us are during our time on this planet of full of visual and physical stimuli, but more than anything, I’d like to move beyond the pain and stagnation of harmful addiction which has long ago taken hold of the human condition.

I’d like to see an end to the mindless, thoughtless harm that we humans have been perpetuating on ourselves and each other for countless centuries and millennia.

No doubt there is love, beauty, goodness and kindness in the world, but we can’t deny that there is much anger, cruelty and many types of harm taking place.

I’m 52 years old as of this writing and it has only been a few years since I’ve been willing to really take a good hard look at the harm I’ve been inflicting on myself, others, animals and the environment throughout my life and still.

I’m not an especially evil person. I’m normal and I live a typically functional life. It’s been a long time since I’ve smoked, drank, or did drugs. I’m not a fan of physical violence. I have frequently worked on improving my health, have explored many paths of self-help, spirituality and healing.

Still, once I began taking a really honest look at myself, I started realizing just how much harm I have inflicted and continue to do so. I began to learn that many things we believe are normal, fine and good are not, in fact, so. We are doing far more harm than we realize, which is the reason the world continues in a state where there is much anger, abuse and fighting, perpetuating sadness and fear, leading to harmful habits to numb the discomfort.

A cycle of pain which needs to be broken.

Why do we engage in any type of harmful behavior at all, ever, toward anyone or anything? What exists inside of us which impels us to do so? Is it possible to discover and transform these tendencies? Can we release our desires to do harmful things and leave ourselves with only the desire to foster love and health and wholeness and goodness?

This is what I explore in my life and in my writings.