All Good Things In Moderation

Blue Jay 3-14-13 (4)

When it comes to eating and drinking for pleasure, these days I choose to think beyond the moment.

“How am I going to feel tomorrow morning if I consume this?”

If I’m going to get a pleasure thrill now but feel worse in the morning—or even just after consumption—then I don’t want it. It’s not worth it!

I’ve stopped trying to be successful at consuming harmful foods and beverages “in moderation.”

Why would I want to harm myself in moderation?

Do I want to be healthy in moderation? Feel good in moderation?

Moderation isn’t even possible for most of us. Although we “speak” of moderation, we consume well beyond it, until it becomes not moderate at all. But we still call it moderation.

“Moderation” has become a term which helps us to justify to ourselves that it’s ok to do something we know is harmful to us.

The term “moderation” is not supposed to refer to things which harm us. It’s supposed to refer to the overdoing of a good thing.

For example, if I’m eating healthful, wholesome food—that doesn’t make it ok to overeat. I need to eat in moderation!

Moderation is for preventing ill effects, not for merely managing the severity of them.

Drinking good clean water is essential for life and good health. Drinking too much of it can feel unpleasant and actually causes health problems. It is necessary to moderate our water drinking so that it’s enough but not too much.

On the other hand, refined and processed “foods” like sugars, oils, salts, flours, etc., all produce negative effects and are major factors, along with animal products, in all the common chronic diseases in our culture.

I don’t know anyone who actually consumes them in small quantities. These unhealthful “food” ingredients are ubiquitous!

Thankfully, simple, whole, nourishing foods are available too. We can even grow our own.

But be careful…eat your steamed broccoli in moderation! 🥦 😊

Featured Image: “One Nut At A Time” taken by me, Brenda Kay Forest (Hoffman). A Blue Jay with a pecan flying over our property at

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