Be Unique


You were created to be your own unique individual so why try to be like anyone else?

Be yourself.

It’s not reasonable for anyone to expect you to be like them.

Let them be them and you be you.

We are all born into an intimidating world which strongly encourages us to fit into a certain type of socially acceptable mold. We are led to believe that doing so will enable us to “earn” the approval of those around us and keep us safe.

I believe that in order to realize the strength to truly be ourselves, we must have a desire to build the courage to face our fears, work through them, and release them. I believe this is necessary in order to free ourselves from the ball-and-chain of family and societal approval and acceptance.

I’m not referring to rebellion at all. Rebellion is an act of projecting anger. It doesn’t resolve anything. With a true releasing of the internal fear of disapproval, rebellion doesn’t even enter the scenario. If the fear is gone, there is nothing left to rebel against.

Featured Image: American Lady butterfly feeding on a Brown-eyed Susan. Photo by Brenda Kay Forest (Hoffman) at her home on

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